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Software for
Computer Magnification

o you strain to see what's on your computer screen? Have trouble reading text, recognizing pictures and graphics, and finding what you're looking for?

With the new ZoomText 9.0, seeing and hearing everything on your computer screen is now clearer than ever. Our new xFont magnification displays high-definition text that you'll recognize effortlessly. With our new NeoSpeech synthesizers, your applications and documents are read aloud by friendly, human-sounding voices - right through your computer's speakers. And with ZoomText's productivity tools, finding what you're looking for is quick and easy.

Whether you're surfing the web, creating a document or mailing your friends, ZoomText lets you see, hear and use all of your applications easier than ever.

Zoomtext magnifier computer software

zoomtext computer magnifier software

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computer software

zoomtext magnifier reader computer software

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ZoomText keyboard


Designed for anyone who struggles to see the lettering on their keyboard, the new ZoomText keyboard makes typing faster and easier than ever before. Each key and button label is easy to see, even in low light, thanks to its 36-point text and choice of high-contrast color schemes:
"Black on Yellow" or "White on Black".

zoomtext keyboard

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