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Gift giving ideas!
Also, see Gift Certificates, below.
a reading machine for under $500.00

We can drop ship the item directly
to their residence. The sales receipt
can be sent to you, and that special person will never see a price tag!

A great group gift!

A gift certificate?
Perfect if you aren't sure what the family member's or friends precise needs are...
Southwest Low Vision will work with each person individually to determine what equipment is best suited for them.

Southwest Low Vision will be delighted to work with you to make the gift of seeing better become a reality for a family member or friend with Low Vision!

Gift certificates...

Gift certificates purchased for friends or family members: we keep a CREDIT in our sales
data base, which is then applied to the purchase
of equipment by the patient.
Remaining balances can be credited back to purchaser's credit card, or kept for future purchases.

We can process your credit card payment over the phone, by email or by fax.

Call us, so we can help with the details:
or email us:

Cash, checks or credit cards accepted.
Receipts are then mailed to you.

Southwest Low vision does
House calls!
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Easy Pocket Credit Card Size Illuminated Magnifier

Are you looking for a small, illuminated magnifier you can use in restaurants and other dimly lit locations? If so, then the new Easypocket is perfect for you!

Easy Pocket


more information


Pendant magnifiers, 3.5x, always handy and
are fashionable! Scratch resistant lenses!

Pendant magnifiers are the inconspicuous ideal magnifier for those that need a little extra help throughout the day. Attractive and always at-hand, they feature glass lenses to resist scratching from contact with buttons, zippers, or other jewelry.


pendant magnifier

more information


Do you know someone who is having difficulty writing checks, doing
crossword puzzles or reading?

The new Scribolux illuminated
stand magnifier is perfect for these tasks because it features a large, open, viewing area for reading and writing. In addition, the Scribolux is portable and operates with SMD-LED illumination that provides vivid lighting and never needs replacement!

The functional design is complemented by a large 100mm x 75mm lens that provides
2.8x (7D) magnification.

Stand Magnifier 2.8x

scribolux stand magnifier

more information

Call us, so we can help with the details:
or email us:
to order call 1-888-534-4321

Low Vision Test Card

In order to help you select the proper strength magnifier, you may print out the
Low Vision Test Card.

Read down as far as you are comfortably able to, the corresponding line to the right indicates the approximate magnification strength needed.

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