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Items To Ease Daily Tasks
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Locator dots/ Bump-ons

Lap desks (click on Other Items at top of page in menu bar.)

Talking calculators

Enlarged button telephones
- with talking voice announce
- with talking caller id
- with amplification

Sunglasses UV Protection (click on Other Items at top of page in menu bar.)
- Regular
- Anti glare
- Fit-overs

Talking caller ID box

Talking book player

Large face watches & clocks

Talking watches & clocks
- with alarms for taking medication

Desk & floor task lamps

Large button TV remote

TV screen magnifiers

Talking tape measure

Talking cooking timers

Talking cooking thermometer

Talking indoor/outdoor thermometers

Talking thermostats

Talking pedometer

Magnifying cosmetic mirrors for shaving & applying make-up

Talking ear thermometer

Talking clinical thermometer

Talking prescription reader

Talking glucometer

Syringe magnifier

Magnifying pill cutter

Talking blood pressure meter

Talking scale

Large print playing cards

Large print board games

Large print dictionary

Speaking dictionary

Large print Thesaurus

Large print calendars

Large print address books

Large print appointment books

Large print check register

Writing guides
- Letters
- Checks
- Signatures