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Why are Eschenbach products better than
similar items?
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Best Resolution! No Distortion!


Eschenbach lenses are the highest quality optically ground to ensure the least peripheral distortion and chromatic aberration of any on the market!

A squared grid viewed through an Eschenbach lens remains straight and true, while similar lenses from the competition distort the grid lines.

Eschenbach manufactures its lenses in an ISO 9001 certified facility, which means the products are made to the highest quality standards with lenses that provide the best resolution!

Brightest Illumination!

Eschenbach's newly enhanced LED magnifiers are the brightest on the market!

The LED handles provide up to 3 times brighter illumination compared with other brands, to give the best contrast enhancement available to make reading easier and faster!

Since LED illumination is energy efficient and lasts 10,000 hours, the usage costs are reduced, as fewer batteries are needed over the life of the product.

LED illumination provides a white light, closest to natural daylight, which enhances visual perception. Incandescent bulbs provide a yellow light which can dull the vision and require the viewer to need a higher strength magnifier.

stand magnifier heads

eschenbach magnifier handles

Brightest Telescopes!  

Eschenbach's telescopes are THE brightest on the market, due to technology that delivers the most light. This innovation allows for a smaller and lighter design, and allows focusing from 8 inches to infinity!

These light telescopes can also be mounted on an eyeglasses style frame for more comfort while reading.

Best Scratch Resistance!
Eschenbach's patented cera-tec coating resists scratching up to 90% better than other lenses on the market!

The cera-tec coating allows Eschenbach lenses to have the longest useful life of any product on the market -3 to 4 times longer than the competition!

Best Orientation Features!
Only Eschenbach provides built-in red line guides or yellow-tinted flip-up lenses to help you better orient yourself when reading. These unique features help you to improve retrace performance, reading speed, comprehension, and overall satisfaction!
eschenbach bright field magnifiers
Plus, Best Warranty!
Eschenbach illuminated magnifiers feature a Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturer's defect. You know Eschenbach stands behind the quality of their products!
eschenbach scribolux

Low Vision Test Card

In order to help you select the proper strength magnifier, you may print out the
Low Vision Test Card.

Read down as far as you are comfortably able to, the corresponding line to the right indicates the approximate magnification strength needed.


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