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ZoomText Computer Magnifier and Reader Software prices and products subject to change

Combining the revolutionary new features of ZoomText Magnifier with a powerful set of reading tools, ZoomText Magnifier/Reader gives you the total computer access solution. See and hear what you're doing in all of your applications, and give your eyes a rest while ZoomText reads your documents, web pages and email - right through your computer's speakers. With ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, your computer is easier to see, hear, and use.

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zoomtext computer magnifier and reader software


Easy to See


1x to 36x Magnification
Includes fractional powers of 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x and 2.5x.

Eight Zoom Window Types
You choose which part of the screen is magnified.

New 'xFont' Advanced Text Magnification
Displays the clearest magnified text possible, at all magnification levels. Once you've seen it, no other screen magnifier will do.

Color, Contrast and Brightness Controls
Change screen colors to eliminate glare and reduce eyestrain.

Visible Pointers and Cursors
Enhance the size and color of the mouse pointer and text cursor, making them easier to find and follow.

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Direct link to a Flash animation:


Direct link to a Flash animation:
Application settings


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Easy to Hear  

New 'NeoSpeech' Synthesizer Voices
Human-sounding reading voices that are closer to the real thing than ever before. (English only)

Complete Screen Reading
Program, typing and mouse echo options narrate all of your actions. ZoomText can speak as little or as much as you want.

Automatic Document Reading
Sit back and let AppReader or DocReader read your documents, web pages and email, highlighting each spoken word along the way.

Reading Zones
ZoomText's new Reading Zones let you instantly see and hear selected areas of your applications. Define up to 10 zones per application.

Easy to Use  

Application Settings
Save unique settings for each application that you use. As you switch applications, ZoomText automatically loads the desired settings.

Web Finder
Quickly locate links and controls in any web page. Surf the web with greater speed and accuracy.

Desktop Finder
Quickly find and launch programs and documents located in your My Documents folder, control panel and on your Windows desktop.

Text Finder
Instantly locate words or phrases in any application or document window, then begin reading from any found location with AppReader.

Friendly User Interface
Makes it easy to access and adjust all of ZoomText features using the mouse or the keyboard.

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